Lara Maynard Catering offers bespoke catering at your home or at event spaces around London.  Lara also travels to peoples chalets, lodges and other places in England.  Lara and her team make delicious food and aim to take all the stress out of events for you.  So you can enjoy your event as much as your guests.  

Lara has always had a huge interest in cooking and food.  She learnt to cook professionally at Ballymaloe Cookery School, in southern Ireland.  Where they take you right back to the basic simple ideas behind amazing food.  She learnt how to milk a cow to make butter and cream that she would then be using in the kitchen.  At Ballymaloe there was an acre big, self pollinating green house where all the fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables would be grown for the cookery school.  From this Lara takes a lot of pride from where she sources her ingredients from.    

Lara also offers cookery lessons and courses for you from your own home.  She offers a range of set lessons.  Or the option to create your own.  Perhaps there is something you have always wanted to learn to cook?  Great gift idea, also an enjoyable evening activity.  After your lesson, sit down and enjoy your delicious creation with a glass of well deserved wine.